Ahsan Ali Ensemble

Ahsan is a sixth generation musician from the KiranaGharana. Rigorously trained by his father UstadAsif Ali Khan, he is currently regarded as one of the leading sarangi players of generation next.
Ahsan Ali’s public performances began at the young age of ten reflecting maturity and creativity way above his years. He is a prolific performer who has performed at several music festivals in India and overseas, including like the prestigious Sydney Opera House. He has received accolades for his solo performances as well as an accompanying artiste to many noted vocalists, musicians and tabla players. Ahsan Ali also sings. He is the composer for his own Sarangi project called the Ahsan Ali & The Sarangi Sutra, an ensemble of 5 sarangis that come together with a contemporary twist.

Ahsan Ali has taken the traditional Sarangi to a new level by introducing it in Jazz, Fusion, Trance, Electronic, Sufi, Symphony and many other styles to create some innovative sounds.

  • 27 May, 2018
  • 7:00 pm onwards