Women of the World Berklee College of Music

This year, Berklee is bringing  Women of the World, an internationally acclaimed, award-winning ensemble, featuring vocalists: Annette Philip (India), Ayumi Ueda (Japan), Giorgia Renosto (Italy), Debo Ray (Haiti/USA), and their guest drummer/percussionist, Patrick Simard (Canada).

Formed in 2008, Women of the World has evolved into a sisterhood, as much as it is a professional vocal ensemble. The ensemble believes that learning about diverse cultures of the world through music is one of the most powerful ways to shrink distances amongst people.

Having toured extensively in North America, Europe and Asia, Women of the World repertoire currently spans 32 languages and myriad musical genres. Their latest album, “LIVE” was deemed eligible for a Grammy nomination, and they were named the 2017 International Acappella Champions at the ACA Open festival, and most recently, the 2018 International Jazz Acappella Champions at the Vokal Total festival in Austria.