Music Soirees to Melt The Night Away!

Under The Banyan Tree Venue

Slow  summers in Delhi with  hot winds and sultry skies are legion : to alleviate summer travails  Teamwork swung into action and produced a gem of an idea with music soirees to melt the night away ! Under the Banyan tree on a moonlit night is our panacea for all summer blues

The magnificent  decades old  banyan tree with trailing boughs and roots  beneath the waxing moon creates the magical ambience for the melodies and  rhythms of near forgotten baithaks,  with gentle  Hindustani vocals :  haunting notes of the Sarangi  and the Sitar   and  of course the  feisty Quawwali .

Combined with food and alcohol the mehfil  provides  key  ingredients for a comfortable evening for the discerning  music aficionado and the enthusiastic novice  to experience and absorb  the age old lyric of Bulle shah and Kabir to understand the intricacies of the Khayal and Thumri  and to step into  the limitless spectrum of our ancient musical traditions. And by the way young artistes like Ahsan Ali and Ujwala  Nagar are experimenting with new sounds and compositions  bringing traditional melodies of the Sarangi and Khayal Gayiki to younger audiences through  fusion and world music !

Baithaks by definition imply an intimacy with the music and the artiste ! curated  with a contemporary edge,  the generous space has  the customary low seating with  comfortable bolsters and a spread of traditional love seats, chairs and tables plumped with cushions under the odd  curtained gazebo. Subtle lighting and breezy conversation spaces combine to create a setting of simplicity and comfort .

The audience was generous in their appreciation for a space to reconnect with  our age old musical legacy : the musical soirees have found a deep resonance with an  audience out there  and  we think we are  here to stay !