Unplugged experience Under the Banyan Tree

Full Moon. Banyan Tree. Khayal. Sitar. Sarangi. Rain. Qawali. Each can be appreciated by themselves. But, together they give you an evening that memories are made of. Memories that make you crave for more. Thankfully, there are more exciting editions of the Under the Banyan Tree series in the coming months.
29th April. On a warm Sunday evening, kindred cultural aficionados came together for a special experience. Moods lifted immediately as gulab attar welcomed you at the entrance. And then emerged the sight of this glorious banyan tree in its full magnificence. Around the tree, in the courtyard was elegantly arranged furniture with bolster cushions and mattresses that beckoned you to an intimate baithak style musical soiree.
While the audience soaked in the ambience and exchanged pleasantries, the refrain was: Could this not be held two weeks earlier? Yes, but then would we have enjoyed top class gayaki and sitar and sarangi close with rain blessed Sufiana quwali unplugged?
Drenched and musically and spiritually satiated, we saw on display the best of our past, presented by the finest of our times and comforted that yet another generation of outstanding talent had taken ownership of Hindustani mausiki and tehzeeb.